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Sale & Buy Back FAQs

My item won't power up, will you still buy it?

We are unable to buy some items that do not switch on due to being unable to confirm if locks are in place or if the device has been barred.

What is a Sale & Buy Back?

A 'Buy Back' is a product offered by Ramsdens whereby you can get cash on electrical goods such as your mobile phone or tablet. Simply bring the electrical device to your local Ramsdens branch and we will value your item instantly and give you cash. You then have up to 31 days in which to buy back your item, a small interest charge* is applied.

*A 'Buy Back' agreement is for 31 days from the date of signing, either a 20% 'Buy Back' charge or a £5 minimum charge is applied, whichever is greater. Typical example: £50.00 item, total cost to collect your electrical device £60.00 being the original amount borrowed plus £10.00 'Buy Back' charge.

What items are eligible for 'Buy Back'?

Mobile Phones of all makes are eligible and Electronic Tablets manufactured by Apple or Samsung.

Whether working or not, we will give you a 'Buy Back' on your phone or tablet.

How much will you buy my item(s) for?

Visit your local Ramsdens branch for a valuation of your goods today. Find your local Ramsdens branch.