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Online Pawnbroking FAQs

How does a Pawnbroking Loan online work?

Once you have applied for a loan, a Pawnbroking pack will be sent to you.

What is in an Online Pawnbroking Pack?

An Online Pawnbroking Pack includes information detailing how simple it is to borrow money against your gold jewellery and quality watches. It also includes a prepaid Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope to allow you to post your jewellery to us free of charge and includes free insurance up to £500.

What to do when you receive your Pawnbroking Pack

Send your item(s) to us using the FREE Prepaid Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope contained within your pack at your local Post Office.

What happens after I send my item(s) to you?

We will contact you on receipt of your item either with a loan offer if the items have value or to advise that we are unable to lend on the proposed item. If you accept our offer you will receive your money via bank transfer. Should you not wish to accept our offer, we will send your item(s) back to you free of charge.

Is the Online Pawnbroking Pack free?

Yes, the Pawnbroking Pack you request online contains a prepaid Royal Mail Special Delivery envelope for you to send us your jewellery via your local post office.

Is the Online Pawnbroking Pack insured in case it gets lost/damaged in the post?

Yes. Your Pawnbroking Pack is insured for up to £500 providing you return your items to us via your local Post Office, using the free Royal Mail Special Delivery Envelope. Any claim, however, must be made direct to the Royal Mail.

What should I do if the value of my items exceeds £500?

If the value of your item(s) when new exceed £500 in value then please contact customer services on 01642 579957 and one of our expert advisers will be happy to help.

How do I redeem my item(s) shortly after taking a pawnbroking loan?

If you wish to redeem your item(s) please call customer services on 01642 579957 and one of our expert advisers will be happy to help.

I am struggling to repay my loan can you help?

Yes. We have a variety of options to help you if you need more time to pay. Please visit our dedicated page here for more information.