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Pawnbroking FAQs

Can I pay back my loan early?

Yes, you will only be charged interest to the date the loan is paid off.

What happens if I lose my pawn ticket/receipt?

You are still able to redeem your loan and get your jewellery back.  You will simply need to call into your Ramsdens branch and they will arrange for the required documentation to be completed.

Can I pawn my silver?

Yes, Ramsdens can offer you a Pawnbroking Loan against your silver.

What is a Pawnbroking Loan?

A Pawnbroking Loan is a short-term loan secured against items of gold, silver, diamond jewellery, quality watches or selected electronic items. The amount of the loan is dependant on the item(s) provided as security.

There are no credit checks and anybody over the age of 18 can be approved for a Pawnbroking Loan. Items are held on our secure premises until the loan is repaid.

What identification will I need?

You will need something with your name and address on such as your driving licence or a utility bill.  The list of acceptable identification is quite long so please contact your local Ramsdens branch if you have any questions.

How long can I borrow for?

Your loan will initially be for a five month period.  You can repay the loan at any time you wish within the five months.

Can I renew my loan?

Yes, this can be done by paying a minimum of the interest due at any point in time. By paying the outstanding interest you can renew your loan for a further five months. This can be done as many times as you wish.

What should I do if the value of my items exceeds £2500?

If the value of your item(s) when new exceed £2500 in value then please contact us on 01642 579957 and one of our expert advisers will be happy to help.

Please note that 'value' in terms of insurance is the replacement value and not necessarily the price that you paid for the item(s).

Do you lend against diamond jewellery?

Yes we lend against diamond jewellery. For more information please contact us.

Do you accept unhallmarked gold?

We can offer a loan against all gold jewellery whether it is hallmarked or not. Visit your local branch or contact us for more information.