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Sale & Buy Backs

Use your smartphone or tablet to get a "Buy Back"

It is now even easier to get instant access to some extra cash with our "Buy Back" service. You can get cash for your mobile phone or tablet today and buy your item back within 31 days to get your item back!

What is a Sale & Buy Back?

A Sale & Buy Back is where you can get cash for electronic goods such as your mobile phone or tablet. Simply take your electronic device to your local Ramsdens branch and we will value your item instantly and give you cash. Within the next 31 days you can return to buy back your goods for the price we paid you for them, plus an option fee for the service.

A Sale & Buy Back agreement is for 31 days from the date of signing. Either a 20% Buy Back charge or a £5 minimum charge is applied (whichever is greater). Typical example: £50.00 item, total cost to collect your electrical device £60.00 (original amount borrowed plus £10.00 Buy Back charge).

Terms and Conditions apply. Ask in branch for details.

What items are eligible for Sale & Buy Back?

Mobile Phones of all makes are considered
Electronic Tablets (Apple or Samsung only)

Read our Sale & Back FAQs for more information.